StyleA story of research, nature and passion

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« In viniculture, there are no magic formulas, no premade recipes. There is only research, experience, and work. The reasoning you gain from daily work in close contact with the vines helps you construct your own idea of agriculture and wine. »

Francesco Rocca

Our wines tell a story of work, research, continual and relentless training, and the unique relationship that forms between nature and humans who cultivate it

They tell a story of the thorough, almost obsessive, knowledge that guides us to recognize and mentally index every vine of every vineyard—their phenologic phases, the soil in which they grow, and the productive capacity of every branch.

Our wines tell

the story

of artisan, familial work.

Every experience and every effort is shared and analyzed.

We learn by working together, and only by working together can we improve our understanding of the vineyards and its fruit that will be made into wine.

Our wines tell the story of

the passion

that motivates us to wake up at dawn and head for the hills.

Overwhelming passion that dirty our hands so much we can’t wash all the dirt away. It’s a passion that takes up a large part of our time, our thoughts, and our lives.

When we tell the story of our


we know that each bottle contains our beliefs.

A part of the territory where we work and have the privilege to grow, and even more importantly, everything that we deeply love.